Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Way Over Due

Oh I have missed you! Well just when I thought that medical school couldn't really get much busier, it did. I love it! Not being super busy I mean but all the clinical stuff. Its just so interesting. But it has left me exhausted at the end of the night and not to mention with no cute outfits to post as now all I wear are either ugly clothes for work (scrubs for surgery) or business casual stuff that makes me want to puke! Now don't get me wrong I don't hate dressing up! I love it! But its just that I hate what I own. And I feel like I didn't bring enough with me here to Miami to mix it up. I need more heels, more jackets (because for some reason people in Miami seem to think that the AC should be set at 65 degrees no matter what!), and definitely more pants, but alas....the budget does not allow for the purchase of more. Not to mention the time devotion it would take to find some that fit me that I like. For some reason I have the hardest time finding dress pants that I like. I vow that I will try to post some more things that I have stored on my computer when I get time. This is an outfit that I wore prior to heading to Miami. It seemed to fit with the whole spring vibe that I have been feeling lately. Post more later this weekend hopefully!
Gray OP shirt - Walmart
Floral skirt - Charlotte Russe
Denim jacket - GAP
Gray socks - Target
Shoes - Target
Lizard/Cowhide - Thrifted Nordstrom
Necklace - Sweet Gift!

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