Monday, February 14, 2011


Sorry for such a long wait between posts. I have some sad news to report.... my Nikon is on the fritz. I need to take it to the repair shop. So until its fixed this may be the last post until I can dig up my old point and shoot camera. Which for some reason I can't find. This look is my version of a lumberjack. Its more of like a lumberjack who is also into riding horses (because of the riding pants and boots). The hat is something that I think would be from The Gangs of New York. Who knows what I had going on with this outfit actually.

And P.S.-My lips in these pics were suffering from the relentless cold windy weather so please excuse them.

Hat, Black Sweater, and Belt- Forever 21
Plaid Shirt- Target
Riding Pants- Zara
Boots- Michael Kors
Bag- H & M
Faux Fur Coat- Thrifted

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Over the Knee Boots

I wore this outfit on a day that had a high only in the teens. It was soooo cold! Some of the pics turned out blurry because I was in such a hurry to take them so I could get back inside, or maybe the lens was just frozen. I paired my red pants with over the knee boots to try to keep my legs warmer and it worked slightly. I just got the bracelets and the ring from H & M and couldn't wait to try them out. A hat was essential due to this sort of weather but I realize now that I looked like I don't have any hair. Trust me its all in there somewhere.

Red Pants- Zara
Shirt, Sweater, and Coat- Thrifted
Over The Knee Boots- Kohls
Bracelet and Ring- H&M
Gloves- Target
Bag- Canal Street
Scarf- Walgreens (believe it or not)
Nail polish- Forever 21, Navy