Monday, February 14, 2011


Sorry for such a long wait between posts. I have some sad news to report.... my Nikon is on the fritz. I need to take it to the repair shop. So until its fixed this may be the last post until I can dig up my old point and shoot camera. Which for some reason I can't find. This look is my version of a lumberjack. Its more of like a lumberjack who is also into riding horses (because of the riding pants and boots). The hat is something that I think would be from The Gangs of New York. Who knows what I had going on with this outfit actually.

And P.S.-My lips in these pics were suffering from the relentless cold windy weather so please excuse them.

Hat, Black Sweater, and Belt- Forever 21
Plaid Shirt- Target
Riding Pants- Zara
Boots- Michael Kors
Bag- H & M
Faux Fur Coat- Thrifted


  1. I have similar hat to yours just with emerald green hem. I'm so loving hats, that I bought four different kind hats and now I can't imagine to go out not wearing some hat.
    Hope they gone fix your camera soon!
    You look great in this combo!

    xoxo Ra

  2. love your belt, especially how you knotted it. and love the coat!


  3. amazing outfit!
    i follow you!if you want follow me back!

  4. cute outfit, really like your hat !

  5. Hey, I want to see a picture with you wearing the necklace bib thing you made at your mom's house! You don't have to post it on here, just text it to me if you want. I just want to see how you wear it so i can get one. Miss you guys!

  6. Love your a follower :) This is a great look! Love the riding pants!

  7. great post and photos:) amazing blouse and fur- I love it!
    please visit me in free time:)