Sunday, December 27, 2009

Faux Leather Jacket

So I decided that this latest entry needed some dialogue. Well actually the story goes like this. I was trying to add these pictures to the previous post and it wouldn't let me. I think I had too many in all at So I had to add them in separately the next day. So this is probably my favorite Christmas gift of all. I love, love this jacket. It is totally fake and was only 32 bucks! I don't feel bad buying something trendy that may be out of style next season when its that cheap. Can't wait until I am back at home to wear more winter stuff. This pashmina is also an old favorite of mine. I bought it on Canal street 3 years ago for like 10 dollars. It goes with so many things and it has the warmest color of orange.

Airport Chic (not always practical)

This is some thing that for some reason I wanted to wear to fly out of Las Vegas in. I thought it would be comfy....thats about it. Anyone who knows me knows that I am not the one who goes for the practical outfits. I don't travel in tennis shoes when I can wear boots. I did however opt not to wear knee high boots so that the people behind me wouldn't be cursing my name as I went through security. And I was glad that I did because the airport was super busy. On a bit of a vaca now so some posts may be a slight departure from the recent winter wear.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Clothes!

This necklace was a surprise gift and I LOVE it. It is really cool and has interchangeable pendants. The one I have on it now is made up of a pearl, an old coin (I think from India), a marble, a piece of cut and smoothed glass, and a large piece of agate.

So I know there is like a ton of pictures. But hey that's why people look at blogs anyway isn't it? Well at least that's why I look at blogs. I am wearing some new leggings, scarf, boots, and a necklace that were all Christmas gifts. The people who know me know what I love.....CLOTHES!!! I am also wearing a gray boyfriend style cardi from Express that I bought last Christmas and a black tunic from Forever 21 that is like 4 years old. Also I am wearing a black peacoat from H & M. The smoke in the last picture was not added by me for effect it just happened to be there.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

New Black Skinnies

This is an early Christmas present I gave to myself. I really wanted some new black skinny jeans. I would have loved some J Brand ones like the jean pair I already have. But I settled on something a bit cheaper for the time being. These are from Forever 21. So you can't get much cheaper than that. They have some stretch which is essential when it comes to skinnies and also they have a zipper on the back bottom of the pant leg. I am sure you will see more of these to come so I will show that part later.

Belt as Necklace

So I forgot to say that when I wore this outfit I was wearing a belt as a necklace. I found it in my mom's closet and borrowed it for the day. It was super heavy but it had the effect of looking like multiple chains layered all on together. As you can see I took this picture myself. Hopefully it wasn't too bad. I wanted a closer up look at the necklace.

Black Zara Pants

I went to have dinner at a restaurant with a dress code. No jeans!! That is hard for me considering I live in them. I think all I wear is jeans. So perhaps my new years resolution should be to wear more of something else, like skirts. Luckily I had a pair of Zara black tuxedo pants with me that I rolled up and wore with some block booties.

Let the fashion begin!

I have never blogged before but I decided that I would give it a try. It seems like fun and a great way for me to share my ideas about fashion. Hopefully it will encourage me to be more creative and think of new ways to mix what I own. Who couldn't use some help in that area?