Sunday, December 27, 2009

Faux Leather Jacket

So I decided that this latest entry needed some dialogue. Well actually the story goes like this. I was trying to add these pictures to the previous post and it wouldn't let me. I think I had too many in all at So I had to add them in separately the next day. So this is probably my favorite Christmas gift of all. I love, love this jacket. It is totally fake and was only 32 bucks! I don't feel bad buying something trendy that may be out of style next season when its that cheap. Can't wait until I am back at home to wear more winter stuff. This pashmina is also an old favorite of mine. I bought it on Canal street 3 years ago for like 10 dollars. It goes with so many things and it has the warmest color of orange.


  1. haha, I like the dialogue :-) And i'm a big fan of that jacket, as well.

  2. Thanks I am huge fan of your blog. Its an honor that you even visited my little baby blog!