Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Home Made Maxi Dress

This maxi dress is one that my mom made for me. I found the whole bolt of fabric for only $5. We didn't have any pattern and just sort of winged it. It turned out so great that when I found another fabric that I liked I bought it and made another maxi. I paired this one with the denim shirt over it. I know, I know, I have literally worn out this denim trend this past summer. But please just keep in mind that I didn't wear all these outfits in the order that they were posted. Still working on posting outfits from this summer. I am currently saving up some great fall looks that will be coming shortly...

Maxi- Home made
Denim shirt- Gap
Bracelets- borrowed from my mom
Sandals- Payless
Earrings- Target

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Polka Dot Skirt & Denim

The last few months I have been getting really into thrifting. With the help of my mom I was able to pick out lots of skirts with prints on them that I liked for less than $4. I also got some really great pleated skirts. We then began to re-work them to fit me in the waist and hem them. This has to be one of my favorites that we did. It is absolutely adorable. My brother told me I looked like a girl from the 50s. What a compliment, that just happened to be exactly what I was going for. I have many plans to wear skirts layered with tights and sweaters this fall, oh and especially with boots too!

Polka Dot Skirt- Thrifted (altered with my lovely mom's help)
Shirt- Gap
Shoes- Borrowed from my mom
Earrings- H & M
Bag- Thailand

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ring The Bells That Still Can Ring

Another summer outfit pic. I have really been enjoying wearing all the new fall clothes but only recently started taking pics of them. Soon I will mix in some of those pics. For now that leaf around my neck is about all this outfit has to do with fall. On another note, I swear all the witty things I think of throughout the course of the day seem to turn to vapors when I try to remember them for a post. Lately I have really been diggin painted nails so I decided that I will have to do a post on some new colors I found and the like.

Shirt- Gap
Skirt- Borrowed from my mom
Belt- Rue 21 (old)
Sandals- Payless
Necklace- Canal Street
Watch- Target

Friday, October 15, 2010

Pink Elephant

So I am still working on posting all the old pics from the summer. I have some that I don't think will make the cut. I liked the outfits at the time of wearing them but somehow they didn't turn out as well when they were photographed and now I pretty much hate them. I may have to start a new segment called "outfits I can't believe I wore". But since I can barely seem to maintain my blog as is that probably won't happen. This pink blouse is thrifted and I was initially drawn to it by its bright color. It is colorful and happy without being too loud.

Shirt- Thrifted from the DI
Jeans- J Brand
Belt- Forever 21
Sandals- Thom McAn
Earrings- H & M
Watch- Target