Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Clothes!

This necklace was a surprise gift and I LOVE it. It is really cool and has interchangeable pendants. The one I have on it now is made up of a pearl, an old coin (I think from India), a marble, a piece of cut and smoothed glass, and a large piece of agate.

So I know there is like a ton of pictures. But hey that's why people look at blogs anyway isn't it? Well at least that's why I look at blogs. I am wearing some new leggings, scarf, boots, and a necklace that were all Christmas gifts. The people who know me know what I love.....CLOTHES!!! I am also wearing a gray boyfriend style cardi from Express that I bought last Christmas and a black tunic from Forever 21 that is like 4 years old. Also I am wearing a black peacoat from H & M. The smoke in the last picture was not added by me for effect it just happened to be there.

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