Monday, December 27, 2010

Great Outfit-Terrible Lighting

So sorry about the bad lighting and weird shadows in some of these pics. That is what happens when you accidentally drop your best lens from a great height. Its totally broken but its impossible to take shots in doors with the other lens due to the limited size of the apartment (meaning you can't stand far enough away to get a whole body shot). And when my photog came home it was too dark to do out door shots and I really loved this outfit. So I decided to do a few in doors even if they would be sub par and have weird effects.
On another note, I loved how comfy this combo of sweater tights and denim dress where. Throw a sweater on and you are good to go. These work boots are amazingly warm and wearable too. The heel height isn't too much for actual walking.

Sweater & Button up- Thrifted
Denim dress, Belt & Earrings- Forever 21
Sweater tights- Canal Street
Work Boots- Charlotte Russe


  1. I am always at a loss when I have to take pics inside. You did much better than i would have.

  2. the lighting isn't too bad for inside pics, I suck at inside photography too :D I love your hair, tights, denim dress and boots!! followed you here from chictopia :)

  3. i love those shoes! it seems like lately every time i notice someone's shoes they end up being from charlotte russe. i've got to check that store out!