Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Gray Gardens

So I am still loving those black pants that I got from Forever 21. I think that I should get another pair that is slightly different so that I don't wear these out too fast. The sweater is from Express and I got it last year and have basically worn it out too. The shoes are some that I got last year and I just recently found hidden away in a box. I love how shiny they are and the peep toes + the bows are adorable. The striped shirt is a super buy. I found it while out shopping with my mom at Walmart. It was only $4 so how could I resist. Plus I don't really wear a lot of patterns but I am a sucker for stripes. Lastly, the earrings are some that look like fishing lures. I got them at Target last year after I got my ears pierced. They were lost and then found again in a purse I hadn't used in a while. Only thing better than discovering clothes in some box you forgot about is finding money in a pocket. Now only if that could happen too. Then I could buy more clothes....:)

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