Monday, July 26, 2010

Owl Eyed

Can I just say that my owl necklace is the BOMB! I just found it hidden away in a stash of older jewelry that I have had boxed up while I was away (and when I say away I mean away away, like say on an island in the Caribbean that no one has even heard of). I had forgotten just how awesome the owl guy is...well at least to me. You know what I say to that? To each his own. And that just happens to be what I love about fashion. You are entitled to your own style. Also you should know that I like hats. And people should wear them more often. I mean back in the old days people used to rock hats like it was nobody's business. What happened to the good old hat days? Well I am bringing them back...

Owl Necklace- Forever 21
Hat & Belt- Forever 21
Tee- Target
Long Cut Off Shorts- Rue 21?
Sandals- K-Mart (I know, I never get anything from there either but these caught my eye a few years back and they are super comfy. And I never discriminate against a bargain)

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  1. Love this outfit so much! So relaxed but very cute!

    Embracing Style