Monday, August 16, 2010

Skirting the Issue

I basically don't really have any funny or cute things to say about the title of the blog. I am wearing a long skirt up high as a dress. Hence the title, wow sometimes I even surprise myself with just how lame I can be. Anyway I was really excited to wear my mom's real turquoise necklace. the color is amazing and the stones are all so heavy. Its definitely an interesting modern take on the string of pearls idea. Been really into trying to wear all the long skirt I have up high as a dress. I am sure its just a phase but I am diggin it for now.

White Skirt- Kmart
Striped Shirt- Old Navy
Sandals- Target
Necklace- Turquoise borrowed from my mom (she got it from somewhere near Santa Fe or Albuquerque I think)

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