Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Trouser Trauma

Ok so today's outfit involves delving into a realm that is new to me. Thrift store clothing. I mean I have a few things here and there that were purchased from a thrift store, but nothing that was so....um different. I mean these are freaking old granny pants. I was hunting for some that actually fit me but to no avail. Everything was way too big. But my encouraging mother who happens to know how to sew ensured me that everything could be easily altered so as to fit me properly and how I liked it. To make a long story short I haven't had them altered yet (its been 3 weeks) and so they still look like granny pants. But they were loose and comfortable and I could easily study in them. So they were chosen for today.
And Oh boy I wish you could have seen the look on some of the peoples faces at the college library today. My parents live in a smaller and isolated town and lets just say that what I was wearing was drawing some stares from the youngsters on campus. Yup that's right kids, I am rocking the granny pants! Whatever, once they are altered they will be fabulous and will look like I purchased them from Topshop or Zara or some other trendy place. And the best part of all they only cost $4. So $4 + Free slave labor from my mom = $4 pants that look like ones someone my age should be wearing.

PS- I intentionally spared you all a view from behind which was nothing but classic mom butt!

Granny Pants- Thrifted (Deseret Industries AKA "The DI")
Striped Shirt- Walmart
Flats- Payless
Belt- Borrowed from my dad
Earrings- Forever 21

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