Friday, August 13, 2010


So for some reason I just like the pictures of me smiling better. I see other people's editorial style photo shoots that they have for their blogs and I get it in my head that I should try to not smile and look like I am contemplating something deep and meaningful. I have found that in 99.9% of those picture I just turn out looking pissed off. Why is it that some people look so good not smiling and others... um not so much.

On another note be sure to notice my dogs butt and the cats ears in one of the pics. I swear its a zoo here, and I don't really want to be an animal trainer. Maybe I should consider it a compliment. Its like being in a Disney movie, Cinderella & Sleeping Beauty to name a few, where you can sing and always look perfect and the animals just come running out of the forest so they can help you in some way or just be your only friends. But then again, probably not.

Black Pants- Forever 21
Denim Shirt- Gap
Clogs- Moms
Earrings- New York & Co

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  1. on the other hand, I look not-so-good when I smile :D so I opted not to smile...