Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Camel Coat = Fall

So I am finally updating the blog with some pics that are actually from the current season. These were taken on my roof and it was getting late so please excuse the poor lighting. I was searching for a camel coat to wear this season. I found one I thought was nice at H & M but after trying it on decided it wasn't really that cute on me, especially not for $99. So I continued to hunt for one that was classic enough to last for many seasons. I finally settled on this one from a thrift store for only $20!! Can't beat that price! Plan on wearing it all winter long.

Camel Coat- Thrifted
Denim Shirt- Gap
Sweater- Target
Belt- Calvin Klein, Thrifted
Corduroy Pants- Paige Premium Denim
Necklace- Gift
Boots- Go Jane
Bracelet- Forever 21

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